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    This page is to inform you of a new, unique, service this office now offers, which is something you have never seen advertised from another law office. It is called a Video Will. 

   My Father, Arthur S. Cohen, and I had discussed this idea for quite some time, but it was not until he recently passed away that I truly understood the need and value of it. A simple Last Will & Testament is a document that has always been used, and it can very specifically and exactly state how property of a person should be distributed when a person dies and by whom. Pennsylvania law requires that a Will be in writing for it to be enforceable. There are many issues, however, as you may already know from your family experience, that can arise after the death of a loved one with regard to the Will. Unfortunately, basic words on paper are written to conform with legal requirements, often leaving loved ones with a feeling of emptiness. This can lead to even more questions which frequently have to be resolved in Court.  A video Will can be used in conjunction with the written Will to resolve or prevent these problems. 

   I am of the belief that a Will shouldn’t just be a lifeless piece of paper. I think people want their loved ones to be left with something more comforting. That is why this office is now giving people the opportunity to supplement their written Will with a recorded video. This recording will allow the person to speak directly to beneficiaries of their will, letting them know what their wishes are, and why . This video can be done in my office, or more intimately in ones own home. 

  Personally, I would give anything for the ability to turn on my television, put in a DVD, and be able watch my father speak to me, telling me his wishes. It is a gift that I know I would have cherished, and I look forward to taking part in helping others leave that gift.  

  Please do not hesitate to contact this office to find out more or schedule a consultation with me so we can sit and chat about this new service. I look forward to hearing from you.