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Learn More About Attorney Michael B. Cohen

Michael B. Cohen is the owner and operator of the Law Office of Michael B. Cohen located in Altoona, Pennsylvania. Mr. Cohen is a lifelong resident of Blair County and takes pride in representing local clients against large corporations and unscrupulous financial professionals, including broker-dealers.

He also handles a range of general practice areas, including criminal defense, estate planning, family law, personal injury, Social Security Disability and workers’ compensation. As a solo practitioner, he is able to provide his clients with as much attention as they need to feel comfortable with their case.

Through his proactive, hands-on representation, he has earned the trust of hundreds of local clients.

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A Principle Of Trust

Trust is at the core of his securities law practice because that’s how it began. A friend in finance referred their client to Mr. Cohen after the client fell victim to an illegal investment scheme. This client lost the most money of all of the two dozen people involved, and Mr. Cohen was able to successfully represent him through the recovery process in an area of law that he had never previously practiced.

Because of his success and the level of trust others placed in him as a lawyer, Mr. Cohen knew he could build a future in securities law. He continues to represent clients all across Pennsylvania who are faced with difficult financial situations due to troubles with investments and long-term disability claims.

A Principle Of Service

Meeting clients’ needs is at the heart of this law practice. Many people turn to Law Office of Michael B. Cohen for assistance with any of a full range of legal matters, such as criminal defense and personal injury. Building on a sound attorney-client relationship in one area or with one family member, it is natural for Pennsylvanian clients to rely on him in other areas, too, with full confidence. Legal services provided ran the gamut from wills and trusts to DUI defense and modifications to family law court orders, to name a few examples.

Providing The One-On-One Care You Deserve

Speak with Mr. Cohen about your case by calling 814-201-6837 or send an email to schedule a consultation. You will receive direct, one-on-one attention from Mr. Cohen himself. His exclusive practice as an attorney allows him to select his cases carefully.

When Mr. Cohen chooses to represent you, you can take comfort in knowing that your case is worthwhile and you will be well-represented through the entire process. Don’t hesitate to reach out to protect the future you have worked so hard to build.