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What does FINRA do?

On Behalf of | Jul 6, 2021 | FINRA |

FINRA is very helpful to those that live in Florida and throughout the United States. They make sure that there is integrity behind the financial system in America. The Securities and Exchange Commission surprises them, and all of this gets done without the taxpayers having to pay any money for the services that FINRA provides. Here’s more information about what FINRA does and how they benefit everyone.

Creates rules and enforce them

Many registered brokers try to engage in unethical dealings every single year in order to make a profit. FINRA creates and enforces rules to stop this from happening. They strive to make sure that all registered brokers are only performing ethical activities at all times.

Tries to bring about market transparency

Understanding the market can be difficult for many people. FINRA has tried to change all of this. One of their goals is to try to bring about market transparency for all. This allows individuals to make better investment choices that often prove to be beneficial to them in the future.

Provides educational opportunities for investors

Investors will make better choices if they receive the proper education on issues related to ethical practices. FINRA tries to provide as many educational opportunities as possible to investors. They are there to answer any of their questions and provide as much assistance as they can to help investors operate in a more ethical way.

FINRA is responsible for exposing numerous insider trading cases and other illegal activities every single year. They take the actions that are necessary to crack down on firms and registered brokers practicing unethical behavior. This creates a safer environment for consumers that count on others to help them invest their money and make certain financial decisions.


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