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The importance of legal help in a FINRA arbitration

On Behalf of | Sep 27, 2021 | FINRA |

Anyone who does business with a brokerage firm will benefit from the legal protection of a FINRA arbitration. A lawyer represents the best interests of FINRA investors in Pennsylvania to ensure that their lost investments are recovered fully. Going through a legal process like arbitration is recommended to settle a securities dispute.

When an arbitration is needed

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) is a U.S. independent regulatory organization that handles the activities of securities firms. The purpose is to promote fair, honest transactions among investors in the securities industry.

Arbitration is necessary to handle claims and disputes that are made by investors. FINRA is the organization to contact when filing an arbitration claim or requesting mediation between business firms and their clients.

How a lawyer handles an arbitration

Each party hires a lawyer to present their side of the case. The arbitrator hears the evidence in the case and determines the outcome. The final decision is legally binding and unable to be overturned on appeal except in rare circumstances.

A person does not require a lawyer to handle an arbitration. But since the decision is final, and if the resolution process becomes complicated, having a lawyer is recommended.

Handling FINRA disputes

FINRA professionals handle arbitration cases that affect the U.S. securities industry. An arbitration is a process that is handled outside of court and meant to be faster and more convenient than a trial. Even so, it takes considerable time and planning to achieve successful results for your arbitration.


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