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Representing Clients Through FINRA Arbitration

When you discuss your investment options with a financial adviser, you do so with the expectation that they will offer advice that is in your best interest. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

According to NYU Journal of Law & Business, hundreds of illegal financial structures like pyramid and Ponzi schemes still exist today. Illegal insider trading and deliberate market manipulation by insiders can also make investing a losing proposition. Some advisers ignore such activity when giving clients advice that dooms them to fail.

Additionally, many advisers may promise results that never come to fruition, making you as an investor feel like you got a raw deal.

The bad news is that smart, well-intentioned people can and do fall victim to false promises and illegal financial schemes — often at the hands of people they know. The good news is that you may have options to seek justice, including monetary compensation, against your financial adviser or broker-dealer in Pennsylvania. The Law Office of Michael B. Cohen is your trusted resource in this process.

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FINRA Overview: How Does It Protect Me?

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) is a private, self-governing agency that seeks to regulate and enforce activity on the New York Stock Exchange. If you have invested in the stock market through a broker-dealer, they are likely a member of FINRA and are subject to their guidelines.

When you invest through a FINRA member broker-dealer, you agree to a contract that includes a set of terms on how to file a complaint and settle a dispute. Not only do you have a right to file a complaint against your broker-dealer, but you can also enter arbitration to seek damages against them.

How An Attorney Helps

The Law Office of Michael B. Cohen is ready to help you in these claims. Mr. Cohen’s experience representing clients through the arbitration process has given him the knowledge and skills necessary to ensure your rights are maximized through the process. He will work to bring your best case to the panel through personal representation and one-on-one guidance.

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