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Determined Representation For Investors Harmed By Pyramid And Ponzi Schemes

Have you suffered a devastating financial loss because of a failed pyramid scheme or Ponzi scheme that you invested in?

You are not alone. Billions have been lost in dozens of Ponzi schemes in the last decade. You and other investors may have believed the promise of return on your investment looked bright. However, you did not realize the investments were fraudulent and illegally structured. Your financial adviser or broker may be responsible for deceiving you, whether knowingly or unknowingly. They may also be guilty of failed fiduciary duty.

Categories Of Financing Scams

Securities attorney Michael B. Cohen has helped many individuals and businesses after they were tricked and cheated through shady investment schemes, including:

  • Pyramid schemes, by which investors pay into a central fund and recruit new investors, whose funds then enrich original investors. This type of financing arrangement is ultimately destined to collapse in most cases.
  • Ponzi schemes, by which early investors are repaid with high rates of return, solely or primarily from funds obtained from new investors.

Neither pyramid schemes nor Ponzi schemes generate wealth. Rather, they pull in waves of ill-gotten financing from unwitting latecomer investors. Each new investor’s money is then applied to pay on investments of earlier participants. Pyramid schemes and Ponzi schemes invariably run their course with the result that many investors end up losing their life’s savings through the scams.

The Nature Of The Beast

The structures of these financing schemes are illegal because fraud is an inherent ingredient. One legal path of justice is to bring claims against liable financial advisers and brokers through civil actions. Severe cases may also result in criminal charges for the wrongdoers. As an investor, you are likely most interested in recovering some or all of your investment. Your focus is more concrete: You want your money back.

Your Legal Remedy

Are you looking for legal ways to hold the schemers responsible and recover lost investments? Law Office of Michael B. Cohen is a trusted name in securities law and justice in the financial realm. Request a consultation by calling 814-201-6837 or sending an email inquiry. Explore ways to get justice – and get back as much as you can of what schemers cheated you out of.