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Has Your Broker-Dealer Violated Fiduciary Duty?

When you seek help from a financial adviser in Pennsylvania, you are relying on them to offer sound advice for your future. This sense of trust you place in your adviser is known as “fiduciary duty.” The Law Office of Michael B. Cohen stands as your reputable legal resource if you believe your financial adviser or broker-dealer has violated their fiduciary duty to you.

What Is Fiduciary Duty?

Fiduciary duty is where the investment professional aligns your investments with your needs as an investor. This action must be done so in an ethical, legal and competent way. Any action, investment or scheme that is not taken in your best interest or done so illegally may be a violation of fiduciary duty.

Common or potential violations of fiduciary duty include:

  • Churning: Making multiple trades without your permission to earn higher commissions
  • Fraud: Misrepresenting services or opportunities to entice you to invest
  • Promising results: Many financial advisers have reliable track records of success for their clients, but no one can guarantee results for your investments
  • Illegal activity: Operating pyramid or Ponzi schemes or committing other white collar crimes that harm their investors

FINRA, an independent regulatory agency, manages the duties of your financial adviser and broker-dealer. If you believe your best interest is not at the forefront of your adviser’s activity, you have options to file a complaint and seek recovery against them with help from a lawyer.

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