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Were Your Investments Doomed Through Insider Trading And Market Manipulation?

Don’t roll over and play dead after losing out because of illegal activities such as insider trading and market manipulation. Instead, dig for the truth and fight back. Get financial justice and recovery of your invested funds, if possible.

Insider trading may have wrecked your investments or investment potential when, for example, illegal communications about stock sales or buying and selling of portions of a company, coming from the CEO, led to a widespread sell-off or purchase of shares. Did others take advantage of you and other investors who obey the laws and regulations covering investment actions? If you were not privy to the same information and lost the chance to prevent losses or make profits as a result, you may be able to recover compensation. A skilled lawyer on your side can show you were wronged through others’ illegal activity.

Market manipulation, on the other hand, may have ruined your investment prospects through fraudulent or misleading communications. It may have happened when one or more companies deceived the public about coming commodities’ price changes. Noncompliant reporting about commodities or securities can bend profits, effectively dooming many investors’ prospects for profits.

Have you been told you have no recourse after losing out because of insider trading or market manipulation? Don’t take this outcome as a given. Don’t assume your investment was a lost cause without having a knowledgeable, experienced securities attorney review the facts. Attorney Michael B. Cohen is in demand precisely because he understands:

  • How market forces affect individual investors
  • How investors are affected by illegal activities
  • How to discover and uncover evidence of illegal activities in the marketplace
  • How to take legal action likely to get relief for affected investors

Law Office of Michael B. Cohen is a sole practitioner’s firm with a deliberately limited client list. If securities law attorney Michael B. Cohen agrees to take your case, it will mean he believes he can win for you.

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You may have witnessed or heard about internal trading or market manipulation. Simultaneously, you may have watched your investments drop in value or may have realized that you would have invested profitably if you had been aware of information that other investors knew about. Did your financial adviser or broker let you down? Do you have cause to file a claim or lawsuit to recover some of what you lost? We can help you find out and point the way to how you can make things right. Call 814-205-2939 or email us to schedule a consultation.